Ranger Federation Of Asia

The RFA is a group of conservation-focused individuals who want to further the standards of the profession and vocation of rangers throughout Asia.

The concept for the RFA came into existence at the 7th World Ranger Congress. We are an association of rangers, wildlife wardens, forest guards, foresters, scouts, watchers and other frontline field staff (collectively referred to here as “rangers”). We promote and provide opportunities for members to gain and share their knowledge and experience in all aspects of wildlife conservation and protection work. The RFA is a platform for discussions on matters of interest to rangers and provides opportunities for members to interact with other national and international ranger associations.

RFA Main Objectives:

  • To promote and provide opportunities for members to acquire and share knowledge and experience in subjects pertaining to the work of wildlife rangers and associations and facilitate consideration and discussion of matters of interest.
  • To promote professional integrity, ethics and best practice standards for the ranger profession in Asia.
  • To work with educational bodies and ranger training institutions and contribute to teaching syllabi in the interest of attaining the highest standards for ranger work.
  • To promote the awareness of and commemorate World Ranger Day on July 31st and promote public awareness of the importance and value of rangers work nationally and internationally.



    Other Objectives Are:

  • To take any measures to further the interests of rangers, and persons positively associated with rangers.
  • To affiliate, as the Steering Committee of the RFA board deems fit, with businesses or organizations whose interests and objects are complementary to those of the Association and to represent the ranger profession both nationally and internationally.
  • To promote and enhance professions that manage protected areas.
  • To provide a forum for professional and social enrichment and foster professional exchange.
  • To provide education and training to develop or improve the knowledge and skills of rangers.

    Supporters of the RFA

    The RFA is supported by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the Protected Area Management System (PAMS) Foundation, the International Ranger Federation (IRF), Nature's Frontline campaign, the Karen Wildlife Conservation Initiative (KWCI), Wildlife1 Conservancy, United for Rangers and Protected Area Workers Association of New South Wales.  None of these institutions have legal obligation or liability in terms of the RFA, but are voluntary supporters of this effort to connect and raise the profile of rangers throughout Asia.