Ranger Federation Of Asia

Governing Board

President : Rohit Singh

Background : Rohit Singh has extensive experience working with and training rangers throughout Asia. He is currently the lead trainer on Tactical Protection and Law Enforcement Monitoring for the WWF Tigers Alive Initiative and his work takes him to nearly all of the tiger range countries and in close proximity with rangers. This has given him a particular insight into the challenges ranger face in the field and a strong desire to raise the global profile of rangers in Asia.

Rohit is the main contact point for the RFA and can be best reached by emailing rsingh@wwf.panda.org.

Vice-President : Craig W. Bruce

Background : Craig Bruce started out life as a ranger in South Africa and worked his way up to managing protected areas and PA networks in several southern African countries. With over 20 years of experience, Craig has worked as a technical adviser for protected areas in Asia for the last eight. Much of his current work is focused on ranger training, developing tools for patrolling and the development of ranger standards.

In total, Craig has spent close to 30 years working with, training, managing and supporting rangers in the field. He is committed to improving rangers’ lives and jobs and broadening the global understanding of the issues affecting them.

Treasurer : Crispian Barlow

Background : Crispian Barlow has served in the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Hong Kong Police in the marine district, uniform branch, tactical unit and EOD (Bomb Disposal Unit). After resigning from the police, he worked in South Africa for over 17 years in many roles - as a ranger, conservation educator, manager of a nature reserve and of a wildlife rehabilitation centre. While in Limpopo Province, Crispian arrested over 680 individuals earning him a medal for top ranger in Africa in the area of “Law Enforcement and Protected Area Integrity”.

Crispian now works for WWF Greater Mekong as the Technical Advisor - Protected Areas Enforcement. He is a member of the Game Rangers Association of Africa and the Conservation Officers of Pennsylvania Association. He is married, with one daughter, and presently lives in Laos.

Secretary : Wayne Lotter

Background : Wayne Lotter holds a M-Tech in Nature Conservation and has over 27 years of professional experience in wildlife management, conservation and environmental management, community liaison and has worked in government, corporate and NGO sectors. He is a founding member and director of the PAMS Foundation. Wayne is a co-author of the ‘Ensuring Effective Management’ Course, a Module presented at the Southern Africa Wildlife College.

He has also served on various committees, working groups and associations and is currently the Vice President of the International Ranger Federation, a Board Member of The Thin Green Line Foundation and an active member of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas. Wayne is also a former Chairman of the Game Rangers Association of Africa.

Advisory Board

Advisor : Diwakar Chapagain

Background : Diwakar Chapagain holds a BA Law and a MS Environmental Law. He has vast experience which includes specialized knowledge in anti-poaching and anti-wildlife trafficking practices, wildlife & environmental law & policy, protected area management, transboundary and regional cooperation and government relations.

He is currently the Deputy Director of WWF Nepal, where he focuses on all anti-poaching, wildlife trade and CITES related work through designing and implementing programs to curb the illegal trade of endangered species. He also coordinates with government ministries, departments and enforcement agencies, NGOs, WWF network, TRAFFIC and trans-border authorities on illegal wildlife trade and poaching. He is also the South Asia regional focal point for RFA. He can be contacted at diwakar.chapagain@wwfnepal.org.

Advisor : Antony Lynam

Background : Antony Lynam has been with the Wildlife Conservation Society since 1996 and has over 20 years of experience implementing and advising wildlife conservation projects in Asia. Based in Bangkok, he serves as Regional Technical Advisor for wildlife protection and applied conservation projects throughout Asia.

He has written training materials and trained over 1000 Asian and African government research, wildlife and protected area staff and university students in ecological methods, especially wildlife monitoring and protection techniques. Additionally, he has helped organize and conduct some of the first multiagency wildlife law enforcement training courses in Asia. He is involved in the Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) partnership for law enforcement monitoring, and leads SMART training exercises across Asia. He is also the South East Asia regional focal point of RFA. He can be contacted at tlynam@wcs.org.


Ambassador : Nugie

Background : Popular musician and entertainer Nugie is a long time promoter of environmental issues in his home country of Indonesia. He has participated in WWF campaigns since 1995 and urges the public to care for the earth through his music.

He has written many songs about environmental issues including Mulailah Dari Diri Sendiri (Lets Start from Ourselves), Bumi (Earth), Tukik, Wakatobi, etc. His environmental concerns were also expressed on the trilogy album set: Bumi (Earth) in 1995, Air (Water) in 1996 and Udara (Air) in 1998. These albums led to a series of awards including Lihat Daftar Penyanyi singer, Best Alternative Music Award of Indonesia and O Magazine named him Best Male Singer. In the lead-up to the UN Climate Change Conference in 2007 in Bali, Nugie wrote “World, Let’s Share Together”.